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    Enabling “Edge to Cloud” in Modern Federal IT

    Gartner, world’s leading research and advisory company that equips business leaders with indispensable insights, predicts that by the year 2024, nearly half of spending in IT will have transitioned from traditional solutions to cloud technologies. By 2025, 75% of enterprise data will be processed at the edge – we are at 10% today. It’s no … Continued

    SPARC Server Migration: Here’s All You Need To Know

    Are you considering migrating from SPARC? There are several possible reasons you might consider this. Dynamic Systems can execute strategies to maintain or replace SPARC systems. If you are unsure of the future of SPARC/Solaris, we can help. Why should I consider moving off of SPARC? A possible corporate mandate to move to particular standardized … Continued

    Best Practices in Moving, Storing, and Processing Data – From Edge to Cloud

    The global movement towards cloud computing is practically unstoppable, and experts predict that it’s only going to go faster from here. According to global research firm Gartner, nearly half of spending in IT will have transitioned from traditional solutions to cloud technologies by the year 2024. This shows the disruptive capabilities cloud computing has in … Continued

    Linda Braun

    This year the “The World’s Oldest Rodeo” (since 1888) in Prescott, AZ still took place with limited attendance at 25%.  I gladly volunteered in hospitality, of course donning gloves and a face mask when near folks.  As expected, several of the other events were cancelled including the parades, country western dances and some vendors. The … Continued

    Mike Williams

    Well, Geezerfest 2020 came and went in a blink of an eye. Months of preparation to showcase the best you have to offer in 30 minutes seems ridiculous, but it is worth the thrill and energy experienced playing with Utah’s most seasoned rock musicians. The COVID pandemic did little to squash the spirits of all … Continued