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Standing behind business decisions for cloud migration are the technical staff that have to plan and execute the move. For a company that has already fully virtualized their applications as well as completed both vertical and horizontal decoupling to API level interfaces, a cloud migration will not be difficult. For the rest of us, moving our workloads to the cloud requires a carefully crafted strategy that considers the many various technological and security challenges in getting from here to there. Generally, the focus of cloud migration planning is not about getting to the cloud. Rather, the primary consideration of a cloud migration assessment should be hosting your applications and data in the most effective IT environment possible – based on your operational needs such as performance, security, availability, sustainment, and costs.
Cloud Migration

Work Together

Our cloud migration practitioners will work directly with your in-house engineering team to navigate the stepping stones of cloud migration.
  • Assess your existing IT platform
    • Infrastructure
    • Application suite
  • Map dependencies
    • Identify application, data, and network dependencies
    • Identify points of tight coupling
    • Create topology map
  • Propose and design future cloud architecture
  • Plan your evolution roadmap
    • Vertical and horizontal decoupling
    • API level interfaces
    • Application transportability
  • Ensure that your cloud solution
    • Meets security and regulatory compliance
    • Maintains requisite performance characteristics
  • Develop and test
    • Verify updated interfaces
    • Verify data access and interoperability
    • Verify security posture will work in the targeted cloud environment
  • Migrate
    • Stage and test applications most suited for cloud
    •  Migrate beta users and conduct operation assessment
    • Complete first wave migration
    • Repeat migration waves until complete
Our engineering team has demonstrated experience in assisting customers achieve their cloud migration.  Work with our cloud migration architects and position your company for the future. Click below to download our Government Cloud Migration Case Study. Download Case Study

Take The First Step

Develop cloud migration plans with the help of Dynamic Systems’ experts, who: 
  • Assess current technologies supporting your applications
  • Identify migration approaches, plans, tools, timeline, and execution
  • Support cloud migration planning, scheduling, and delivery
  • Lead your team to architect, design and implement high-performance services in various cloud environments
  • Design needed security and encryption best practices for public cloud
  • Provide guidance on integrating Dynamic Systems IT solutions into cloud-based custom-developed applications
Click below to download our DOD Cloud Migration Case Study. Download Case Study
Cloud Migration Process
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