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Dynamic Systems’ secure Continuity of Operations/Disaster Recovery offering allows agencies to use Dynamic Systems Secure Cloud as a COOP/DR site for their key applications.  Those key applications can be hosted either in an on-premise technology footprint or in a commercial vendor cloud (AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).  Dynamic Systems multi-cloud architects are primarily focused on working with you on a COOP/DR solution to your cloud needs when multiple cloud vendors are involved in the solution.  An example of this would be if you were running an Oracle-based application and wanted to make sure the client has a failover plan.  Dynamic Systems has experience working in COOP/DR cloud environments and in the optimization of integration/interoperationization for the COOP/DR use case. We reach out to your strategic decision-makers to collaboratively create a COOP/DR cloud roadmap so your business stays competitive in the industry. 
Disaster Recovery

Work Together

Our team maintains high-level technical expertise across multiple technology disciplines whether it be AWS, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Microsoft Azure and/or Google Cloud and our experts in COOP/DR failover use cases.  Work with our experts and harvest value from your cloud investments.
  • Present the reasoning and utility of COOP/DR
  • Recommend best practices for COOP/DR and deliver capabilities across cloud vendors
  • Empower in-house architects and engineers to choose across the spectrum of cloud technologies for COOP/DR
Click below to download our Secure COOP and Disaster Recovery Case Study. Download Case Study

Take The First Step

Eliminate the complexities and succeed by partnering with our operations continuity specialists, who: 
  • Understand solution requirements, complexities, and implementation strategies for COOP/DR
  • Serve as the main contact person for all activities and initiatives relating to crisis management
  • Proactively respond to critical situations leading business stopping incidents
  • Provide guidance on leveraging Dynamic Systems Global Data Services solutions so support crisis management strategy 
Disaster Assessment
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