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Dynamic Systems knows a company’s greatest asset is its people. Unleash the potential in your company, by partnering with our strategic staffing experts in managing the workforces of tomorrow.

Contractor Resource Opportunity (CRO) Program

Dynamic System’s Contractor Resource Opportunity (CRO) program provides contractors to meet your resourcing needs. CRO assists your organization by finding the right resource to fill project needs under your management team’s direction. The Dynamic Systems team holds a wide variety of skills that can help fill your project needs, including:

  • Secure IT infrastructure
  • Legacy to virtualization transition
  • DoD security specialists
  • Security specialist specific to Government requirements
  • Oracle Engineered Systems
  • SPARC/Solaris expertise
  • Applications/Database Consulting
  • Cloud deployment including Dynamic Systems Secure Cloud (DSSC)
  • Security/Site hardening
  • Migration to Oracle’s cloud
  • Oracle migrations to Azure
  • Oracle migrations to SQL Server
Strategic Staffing
Staffing Resources

Work Together

  • Need a unique skill set for a small project?
  • Realized a critical skill required to complete a project is missing on an existing team?
  • Lacking budget to hire a full-time resource for a temporary role?

Dynamic Systems can assist you in these, and other, resourcing needs. Qualified candidates are nominated for review and interviews. If a candidate is selected, Dynamic Systems provides the contractor for the required timeframe. This contractor becomes part of the client project team, and is managed and tasked by your existing team leadership and members. Once the assignment is complete, the contractor exits your program, and there are no further obligations.

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Take The First Step

Proactively manage openings by partnering with our team of recruiting professionals, who:

  • Understand your line of business and staffing needs
  • Lead strategic staffing pool planning, including attracting talent and identifying the best candidates for available positions
  • Provide on-going support to your broader recruitment team to retain current clients and win new business
  • Deliver accurate and efficient recruitment support
  • Have experience working in classified programs
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