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Data encryption – Identity and access management –  Account management – Anti-malware – Security Monitoring.  All of these are essential components of your enterprise security plan.  However, until security is implemented throughout the stack, the plan is incomplete. Enterprise segmentation creates security silos dividing your enterprise into secure, autonomous zones. This approach creates secured perimeters around each zone, and implements proper security controls to protect each zone. Each security silo is bounded with multiple defense layers including discrete access control.  Lateral movement between silos occurs only in accordance with the approved governance. Improve your data protection, achieve services assurance, address insider threat controls, and create integrated architectures that meet complex compliance and regulatory security controls.
Enterprise Security

Work Together

Our security engineers collaborate with your in-house information security team to analyze your operational environment and develop the correct enterprise segmentation plan that meets your specific security needs.  Our engineers provide the requisite guidance and expertise to update your security architecture helping you reach full governance compliance in an efficient manner with minimal disruption. 
  • Identify operations-based security silos
  • Determine the minimum security control set needed for each silo
  • Architect your layered, zoned security design
  • Plan your enterprise services to support and control your security silos

Take The First Step

Learn how Dynamic Systems can help your organization develop a strong and effective security posture and a seamless digital experience.  With the help of our engineering staff, you will: 
  • Evaluate your current security architecture
  • Propose and implement fully protected security silos
  • Enhance existing systems and implement newer ones to solve complex security issues
  • Leverage Dynamic Systems best-in-class solutions as needed to control and manage your enterprise security platform
Enterprise Security
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