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Testing new technology should be comprehensive yet inexpensive – that’s what our Dynamic Innovation Hub offers.

Our advanced Testing and Research Lab is designed to cater to the varied and specific Product Testing and Configuration requirements of our clients. We have a rich and exclusive collection of resources for your Product Assessment and Adoption needs. These resources help you visualize how new technology can impact your organization’s performance and planning.
Our Services

Secure Prototype (PoC / PoV)

Ensure your IT investments can truly produce positive results.

Leverage our Dynamic Innovation Hub to cost-effectively and carefully evaluate your IT assets, enhancements, and transformation plans. Mitigate the risks and proactively fill all the gaps through effective, smart simulations and a series of functionality testing. Accelerate your Proof of Concept (PoC) using our Analytics and Automation-powered Dynamic Innovation Hub.

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ATC Labs Proof of Concept

Secure COOP/Disaster Recovery

Give your team the class-leading space and technology tools they need.

Prime your team for real-life scenarios using class-leading tools to help them quickly and comprehensively learn how to develop and/or leverage the newly introduced technology. Minimize costs and accelerate the learning curve. Take advantage of our modern ATC Innovation Lab designed to flexibly cater to different learning requirements of users.

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Disaster Recovery

Test and Development

Don’t simply jump on the transformation bandwagon.

Get an unbiased assessment of the new technologies, concepts, and methodologies you want to weave into your organizational fabric. Ensure that you deploy the right solutions for your organization and get the highest ROI. Minimize costs using our state-of-the-art ATC Lab that provides you with adequate space and tools to intelligently test and/or develop solutions.

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Our Approach


Harness on-demand labs that connect your product developers to our ATC and provide comprehensive resources, tools, and guidance — round-the-clock.

Accelerate proof of concept and decision-making.

Minimize the cost of evaluating and comparing technologies.

Use sophisticated testing methodologies for more accurate technology assessment.


Deploy the right technology for your unique business needs.

Evaluate and configure the new technology in a sandbox environment to ensure you get the most of it when deployed on the production floor.

Study how the newly introduced technology can affect your brownfield environment so you can make intelligent decisions.

Proactively mitigate performance and security risks.


Ensure higher user adoption rates through effective training, education, and change management.

Equip and design a conducive space for learning and sharing of ideas.

Provide your team with rich resources, end-to-end guidance, and cutting-edge tools whenever, wherever through our ATC lab.

Determine how to successfully enhance design and user experience.

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