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Thriving in today’s complex support services landscape is tough. Ensure success by employing a dynamic team of support experts ready to help you every step of the way.

We have a stellar team of experts that bring a relentless focus on customer satisfaction and the attention to detail that your organization requires. We can work with you to evaluate your current support challenges, understand long-term maintenance goals, ensure software licenses are properly maintained, and manage budget considerations. Whatever your support needs are, our team of experienced advisors are ready to guide you. 
Our Services

Support Renewals

Our experts walk you through the 120-90-60-30 day renewal process to ensure you stay on top of your hardware maintenance and software license renewals.

Be assured that your hardware and software support contracts never lapse. We understand the unique challenges of managing heterogeneous computing environments – and the headaches that accompany varying support renewal dates, shifting service level agreements, multiple support methodologies and countless procurement relationships. That’s why we have a team of experienced experts ready to help you through the renewal process.

Asset Management

Proactively manage and track your assets while minimizing risks using our Contract Management Center (CMC).

CMC is a Cloud based service that allows you view your IT services, track support contracts, manage software licensing, and help you stay in compliance. Our comprehensive asset management system ensures you have complete visibility into the critical IT infrastructure in your data center. CMC simplifies contract management, streamlines procurement, and provides useful reporting. You will know what you have, what it costs, and when service needs to be renewed or extended.

Single Source Support

Simplify complicated Multiple Vendor Support with a single point-of-contact.

Efficiently manage your entire IT Ecosystem with our Single Source Support. We are your one stop shop for diverse support needs in your heterogeneous environment. Click here to download the Single Source Support Data Sheet. Backed by an extensive array of leading manufacturers, we ensure you receive the best systems, storage, software, and support combination for your computing needs. Download Case Study

Extended Warranty

Ensure your peace of mind with a prolonged service level agreement.

Get guaranteed service turn-around times with our Extended Warranty program. We provide convenient coverage options from annual to subscription-based programs, with the ability to modify coverage aligned to the OEM.

Help desk

Get exceptional customer service quickly and efficiently.

Receive expert answers with our experienced IT help desk to ensure your technical issues are addressed quickly and effectively. Our help desk will be your single point-of-contact for all inquiries, requests for service, and other technical assistance.


Utilize a fee-for-service approach that won’t break the bank.

Enlist the services you need when you need them, without paying for anything that isn’t required. This flexible solution will keep your costs to a minimum while navigating any unforeseen support challenges you encounter.

Hardware Maintenance

Ensure system uptime with a proactive maintenance and monitoring solution.

Obtain customized maintenance support for your hardware equipment through our highly trained IT experts, industry-leading tools and processes to ensure your systems are operating at peak efficiency.

Software License Renewals

Never miss a renewal date with a secure online repository for all your software.

Manage multiple software licenses from various vendors with a robust monitoring system designed to remind you of upcoming contract events, so renewal dates are never missed. Click here to download the Contract Management Center Data Sheet. Download Case Study

Our Approach


Assess your existing hardware and software maintenance situation to ensure proper coverage based on your business requirements.

Review complex environments

Define critical IT infrastructure

Analyze service level requirements to support your mission

Understand existing maintenance challenges


Recommend custom support solutions tailored to your business needs.

Simplify complex environments

Increase data center efficiencies

Reduce IT costs


Execute the right data center maintenance models, combining leading hardware, software and support solutions giving you peace of mind that your mission critical IT assets are covered.

Mitigate risks through proactive maintenance solutions

Optimize IT assets to ensure system uptime

Minimize procurement costs and complexities


Sustain your maintenance objectives by leveraging our specialized Renewal Advisors in combination with our comprehensive asset management system, the Contract Management Center (CMC).

Simplify Contract Management

Streamline Procurements

Complete Lifecycle Support

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