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Dynamic Systems offers a Proof of Concept/Proof of Value executing in Dynamic Systems Technology Center to support clients needing to evaluate ROI, measure value, and justify effectiveness of software and application. 

When dealing with potential topics of interest involving the Proof of Concept (PoC) or the Proof of Value (PoV),  our secure prototype experts can help you prove your solutions work. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your in-house technical team to help convince and collaborate around the proof of value/proof of concept they should consider buying.

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ATC Labs Proof of Concept

Work Together

Our Proof of Concept engineers can prove a proposed solution works or take an existing application and prove that it can operate effectively in a cloud environment.  While our Proof of Value experts can prove a proposed solution will work for a certain customer in a certain environment.  Clients can work with our secure prototype experts and secure tangible, measurable value to provide clients.

  • Develop prototype code to prove out new business processes 
  • Communicate PoC, PoV and discusses use cases
  • Create roadmap on POC, staging time, plan refinement, configuration adjustments, and other issue resolution

Take The First Step

Overcome fear of clients regarding risks and compatibility when considering new projects with the support of our secure prototype engineers, who:

  • Review existing proof of concept test plans and proof of value proposals
  • Design and set up factual proof of concept and proof of value to provide data solutions specific to your needs
  • Translate solution architectures and test plans into functional POC and PoV testing
  • Support proof of concept visits by your in-house technical team with thorough management of all technical aspects of the PoC and PoV
  • Provide guidance on leveraging Dynamic Innovation Lab into your testing automation frameworks
Proof of Concept
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