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    About Us

    Assuring Business Continuity. Accelerating Transformation.

    Dynamic Systems is a dedicated technology advisory and execution partner to mission critical government agencies—including the defense, federal and state agencies. Since 1991, we have been an integral partner in driving two key outcomes: assuring business outcomes, and accelerating transformation.

    Our team of experienced professionals has delivered complex I.T. projects that have helped agencies serve the American people in more efficient ways—leveraging cloud, and edge computing without compromising security. We bring extensive infrastructure expertise that has transformed agency footprint—from data centers to legacy hardware modernization and data integration.

    Assuring Business Outcomes

    The American citizen seeks stability from their government, yet expect to engage in modern channels as part of their daily routine. Dynamic Systems brings a wide network of technology partners in hardware, software, and business process management that are enabled by our team of experts to meet every and any stringent agency requirement. In the “new normal,” business resilience against cyber attacks and community emergencies is critical to be able to continue providing services to DoD programs, IRS efficiencies, JPL mission support.

    Dynamic Systems brings a team of veteran business assurance experts who can help strategize, implement, and scale solutions that are tailored to:


    Legacy modernization


    Infrastructure optimization


    Data management and centralization


    Re-architecture and re-platform


    Cyber security, physical security, and end point security


    Back-up, Protection, DR planning and management


    Business Resilience strategy and execution

    Accelerating Transformation

    Systems of record are giving away to systems of experience, and in many cases, to systems of outcomes. Software-as-a-Service, Cloud infrastructure, and Process Automation are delivering on-demand experiences at scale. This is true for government agencies as well, where users are choosing devices and channels to engage, collaborate, and execute.

    Dynamic Systems helps government agencies accelerate their digital transformation through two key initiatives: understanding and mapping changing customer value propositions, and transforming operating models using digital technologies.

    Dynamic Systems brings a team of next-generation strategy and technology experts who can help strategize, implement, and scale solutions that are tailored to:


    Managing transformation projects aligned to digital engagement


    Cloud migration and as-a-Service transformation


    Security-across-systems and Trusted Extensions

    Dynamic Systems brings the core values of:

    • Ethical engagement and transparent execution
    • Small business agility with large enterprise visionary execution
    • Future-proofing our scope of delivery
    • Implementing a rigorous security element in all roll-outs
    • Understanding the customer’s customers and co-visioning projects
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    Dynamic Systems culture is embodied in our ACE IT Core Values. Core Values support the vision, shape the culture, and are the essence of our identity at Dynamic Systems.

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    What it means to

    To BE DYNAMIC means to embody the Dynamic Systems Honor Code in everything we do. The Code is not just a set of principles to follow – it is the foundation of who we are and what we strive to be.

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    A culture of

    Dynamic Systems designs custom solutions to address the IT infrastructure and data center challenges that can slow your business down, like server sprawl, data proliferation, inoperability, security risks and more.

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