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Designing the Right Infrastructure For Your Organization

Businesses and government agencies around the world will never be the same as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic ripple through economies. Organizations are rearranging priorities and changing the way they work to survive in the “new normal.” And the world of Information Technology (IT) is no different as it undergoes its own transformation. Spending may have gone down slightly in 2020, but it is expected to pick up next year as enterprises build or rebuild their infrastructures.

Pandemic or not, designing the right infrastructure for your organization is extremely important. Using the right and suitable technology for your needs can help improve efficiency and workflow within your agency. On the other hand, choosing the wrong infrastructure could result in a costly, unrewarding initiative. The question is, how do you get it right?

IT Infrastructure: A Matter of Planning

Planning is critical when it comes to designingan effective information technology infrastructure. Here are a few things to consider:

Assess your requirements. Understanding your line of work will allow you to determine which technologies would make life easier for you and your organization’s employees. You need to have answers to questions like: How many sites are there? How many users will you have and what should they be able to do? Do you need different access levels? How much and how sensitive is the data that you will be working with? Ask yourself these questions to get an idea of what you need.

Consider your budget. Companies need to carefully weigh their budget against working requirements. It’s important to know the difference between assets and functionalities that you need and those that you simply want. This is important for government agencies that are vulnerable to budget cuts and restructuring.

Plan for future growth. Change is inevitable, whether you’re talking about your organization’s needs and functions or the availability of technology at any given time. Scalability is critical. The same servers or security systems that work when you have two dozen employees may not be sufficient when you add more employees, sites, or have additional responsibilities to fulfill. When it comes to upgrading your systems, it is important to evaluate if you need to retire obsolete hardware/software and transition into more efficient tools as well.

Work with professionals. Partnering with an experienced company like Dynamic Systems is highly recommended to design and implement the right IT infrastructure for your organization. An experienced company has a team of engineers that understands computing platforms, servers, and networks. They will be able to help with the design, implementation and maintenance of your network infrastructure.

It is important to create a solid, reliable and scalable IT infrastructure for your organization. Working with Dynamic Systems, which offers years of extensive infrastructure expertise, will ensure you achieve all of your infrastructure goals.