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Geezerfest / “Autism Speaks”  August 2019 Geezerfest…sounds like a rock concert for old people. Well, if you thought that, you would be right! Geezerfest was founded about 10 years ago by some dear friends that I knew back in the 70’s. I was a part of the band scene at that time while attending college. Some former band members put together a concert series that mostly featured legacy bands and current bands that still need a place to show off their chops. The City of Orem now provides a huge venue with band stand, sound reinforcement, and roadies to support the performances of about 25 different bands. Each year it gets bigger and bigger.  One of my old band mates called me to say he retired from Harley Davidson (Industrial Designer) and wanted to know if I was interested in participating in Geezerfest. Absolutely! We haven’t played together in almost 40 years, but putting together a 1 hour set for the show was a piece of cake and felt like we had been playing forever. Audience participation reached about 1500 people and a portion of the proceeds from the vendors were donated to “Autism Speaks” which is a national organization for the research and treatment for kids with autism.   A great cause, a great time, and a great opportunity to renew friendships and to keep on rockin!  See you at Geezerfest 2020!